Why Are Smartphones Better Than Regular Mobile Phones?

Remember the good old days when you only had your long-lasting friend, the Nokia 3310? Yes, it was impossible to break. Yes, you could beat your own record at Snake over and over. But if you were lost in a foreign city, it wasn’t going to show you where to go.

The reason smartphones are so popular nowadays is simple: they are not just mobile phones. They forecast the weather, count your steps, keep track of your expenses and even find dates for you. All you have to do is ask. And sometimes, they even spontaneously give you the info you need. In short, smartphones offer much more than regular phones.

Limitless Communication Opportunities

WhatsApp, Skype, texts, calls, Messenger… need we go on? The number of possibilities is almost limitless. And what’s great about most of these new channels of communication is that they are free – outside of the 4G or WiFi charges, that is. But it also means that you can now make a phone call to Italy whenever you want, or text your friend who spends the holidays in Thailand, for free.

Connectivity Everywhere

Your old Nokia couldn’t get a 3G or 4G signal, while a smartphone can. Being able to connect to both a 4G signal and the WiFi makes the smartphone the most connected device. Better, even, than your laptop. In fact, you can even use your smartphone to connect your laptop to the internet! Need to find some information on Google? No problem. You can also order an Uber ride in a few screen taps, while having a conversation with your friends on Messenger.

Who Needs mp3s Anymore?

Do you even remember what an mp3 player is? It was that small device that you could put in your pocket to listen to music on your way to school. It had a few buttons and a tiny screen that allowed you to see one song at a time on a track list. No need for that now: just download Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music, and you’re ready for hours of listening.

Great Selfies … and Other Photographs

Look, there’s no need to lie to yourself. Everybody loves a great selfie: it’s an ego boost and it’s a great way to make sure you catch your perfect angle. Every smartphone is now equipped with a front camera in addition to the back camera. By the way, back cameras are getting better and better, making a separate compact camera kind of useless. Especially on the new iPhoneX!

Thousands of Apps

Need to find your way in a foreign place? Download a GPS app. Want to find yourself a date? There are apps for that too. Wondering what’s left in your bank account? Yes, you can find your bank’s app too! The Apple Store and the Google Play Store are filled with thousands of apps, from games to calculators – you can find pretty much anything.

Your smartphone is like a Swiss Army knife: it can do almost everything. Sometimes, you wish it could cook for you or clean your apartment… and who knows, maybe one day it will!

Julien Gossé