Feeling the urge to upgrade your iPhone? Why not lease it rather than buy it?

Why Should I Lease My Next iPhone?

Feeling the urge to upgrade your iPhone without spending a thousand euros on a new one? Why not lease it instead of buying it?  

Smartphones have become a vital part of our lives: fun to use, they allow us to check our mails and texts at any time of day. And so much more. Thank you, the internet. But, alas! New devices are expensive: from at least a few hundred euros to a thousand or more for the latest iPhone X. But why invest in a new iPhone when you can lease it?

The Sharing Economy is the New Trend

Over the last few years, the sharing economy has grown from a geek pastime to a pillar of the new economy. Do you want to rent a flat for just a weekend? It is just a few clicks away. Looking for house cleaning only a few times a year? Nothing easier. And why buy a car and pay expensive fixed costs like insurance when you can actually rent it by the minute? By allowing you to choose the option that best fits your needs, the sharing economy helps you to save money.. Bored by a product or not fully satisfied by its features? Just replace it.

Always Seeking New Features

By keeping your budget under control, the sharing economy allows you to quench your thirst for discovery. When you can switch quickly between two different products, it becomes easier for you to add new experiences to your daily life. Who wants a boring life, right? This is why leasing a motorbike is so popular. Nowadays, the pace of innovation is so fast that hardware has a hard time keeping up with software. And eventually, there comes a time when your phone cannot support the new features of the latest updates and your slow CPU starts to cause lags in apps and frozen screens. Annoying, isn’t it? Which is exactly why it makes sense to lease products like tablets and smartphones. This way, you can always keep up with innovation.

Leasing Has Financial Advantages Too

“Ok, I get it. Leasing my iPhone will cost me less and get me a machine that is always up to date.” But there is more than meets the eye. With a Hotmobile lease, insurance against damage, loss and theft is included. And you can switch to the new iPhone as soon as it comes out. Isn’t life wonderful?

Julien Gossé